You’ve built a foundation on broken dreams
Of half-assed friendships and enemies
It’s a one-way road, or so it seems
Cuz you let your hope slip through the seams
You’re were standing tall, now we’re propping you up
You had vision, but you fucked it up
And now you’re stuck

10th attempt, another pose
A repeated situation grows
The habit’s strong, the habit shows
And everybody around you knows
You can’t afford the things you’ve come to steal
You gotta hide behind that wall you’ve built
Where your dreams go to die

I think you can
But you don’t
And you won’t
So I’ve stopped being there for you

Saving cash won’t save your breath
You couldn’t say no, you had to say yes
It was shining like the end of a cigarette
But it burned down and now there’s nothing left
Now we live in the world you’ve made for us
Balancing lies with broken trust
And we really tried


When winter comes it’s cold again
That dirty needle is breaking skin
Back to the habit, it’s a deadly trend
But it’s always been there, like a trusted friend
When summer comes you put your habit back on the shelf
And throw a cigarette in the wishing well
And I wish you luck



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