You buy and sell the world away in some strategic game
Merciless pawns of the banking world, you displace everyday
And the prisoners of this global scam you never hear or see
You say wealth don’t cause poverty, it don’t look that way to me

Not to me

There’s people sleeping in door ways, under bridges in the cold
Skyscrapers looming over 30,000 vacant homes
You work to keep your heat on, feed your kids and pay your rent
Big money moves the jobs around, big cops keep you in check

This your world

Behind a clear thin barrier, they’re gambling with my time
Hiding their theft behind big words but it’s right before my eyes
I placed my hand against the glass and found it moved a bit
So I got a bunch of friends and we kicked the shit out of it

This is our world

But as I grew older I found it’s harder to really make a dent
You can’t smash your way to a better world, you gotta slowly build it
Take warning of this set-up, cuz it’s bound to break one day
The bigger they come, the harder they fall, it’s always been that way

This our world


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