West bound freight train
Reading Howard Zinn
I dropped outta high school
But that didn’t stop my education

A child raised in
The world of Thatcher and Reagan
But I’m blasting the Clash, the Dead Kennedys and Crass
And I’m hearing what they’re saying

This is my country
Trail of tears that never stop expanding
Bloody legacy of false promises and dreams deferred by hatred
This is my country

I learned my history my way
With my thumb out on the highway
Seeing the farms, the decaying row-homes
And the mansions of  my country

Stuck in southern Colorado
I learned all about Ludlow
How they shot and burned the striking miners out
To try to break the unions


So this is what “we” fought for?
The strip mall and the billboard?
On the unmarked Lakota graves
That paved the way for Mount Rushmore

My textbook is closed
Yeah, I’m hitting the road
Fighting for a future worth the telling
And I’m never gonna walk that road alone


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